Airsoft Marksmanship Training: $50

Airsoft Firearms Training

In firearms training, it's important to have a well-planned set of instructions available for the novice all the way through to advanced shooter. That’s where we can help bridge the gap to improve proficiency in defensive handgun skills particularly when range sessions aren't practical for one reason or another. This training provides additional options as a means to escalate shooting skills and to participate in a myriad of instructional classes. This class is ideal for family participation including Airsoft events which are appropriate (and fun) for all ages.

Introduction To Marksmanship Training

Whether you are new to the shooting sport or an experienced shooter, our classes are designed to bring you to a level of proficiency that will enable you to become a competition marksman. 
Here's our aim-- You will  be trained in the following...

  • Firearms Safety
  • Five Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Gun Manipulation
  • Exercises, Skills and Drills
  • FBI-Level of Qualification
  • A Safe and Fun Environment to Become an Expert Marksman This training is the real deal!

​We provide...

  • ​Airsoft Model 1911 (replicates the size, weight and function of the Military 1911 firearm)*
  • Ammunition
  • Eye Protection

​Please note: Student must come prepared with a sturdy belt and a long sleeve shirt with two chest pockets.

* If student prefers, they can bring their own Airsoft pistol.  (Note: Not to exceed 6mm)  ​​​

Class Fee is $50
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Attn: Scouts: This is an introduction to pistol marksmanship. Enroll today-- Classes fill quickly.

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