American Firearms Training of Illinois

Group Boot Camp Tactical Training

Here's what the training entails:

"Boot Camp" is four weeks of pistol marksmanship and tactical training that will increase both your proficiency and accuracy. The boot camp training also prepares the CCW permit holder for any immediate threat.

The first part of the training in week one covers combat pistol qualification. We will cover fundamentals to achieve accuracy, speed and related to advanced skills and drills.​ 

Week two involves defensive handgun training. Here you will learn the basic skills required to protect yourself against any immediate threat. The objective is to be the victor, not the victim.

In week three, we address holster retention to include effective techniques for keeping your gun in the holster during a confrontation. 

Finally we train in low-light shooting using the FBI method of illuminating target identification down-range. In addition, we drill and exercise weapon take-away. These skills as well as those mentioned above will prepare you for self-protection against any and all threats. 

The Boot Camp Training is held at the River Park Moose Lodge located at 8601 W. Fullerton Ave. in River Grove, Illinois.

Option: We will provide you with a semi-automatic Airsoft weapon and ammo, or you may use your own Airsoft handgun. Ammo must be 6mm 0.25. 

At the conclusion of the four-week boot camp, we will finish up at Caliber Tactical Gun Range using a caliber of your choice for live fire. This training will enhance your overall confidence and increase your level of accuracy. 

This training is action-packed and a guaranteed adrenaline rush... Sign up today!