American Firearms Training of Illinois Featuring Top Shot Class provides professional training for gun safety and marksmanship. Our certified firearms instructors are prepared to offer the very best in training for a myriad of disciplines.

American Firearms Training of Illinois

Andy Tranchita

Andy is NRA Certified in Basic Pistol, Shotgun and Home Firearms Safety. This includes his experience as an Illinois State Police approved Firearm Concealed Carry Instructor, Trap and Target Shooter, Waterfowl Hunter, INDR Hunting Safety Instructor and a former Reserve Police Officer in the state of Illinois. He is also a Concealed Carry Instructor for Florida, Arizona and Utah.

Andrew Browning

American Firearms Training of Illinois featuring Top Shot Class is proud to introduce you to Andrew Browning. Andrew served 16 years in the US Army splitting his time between the infantry and special forces. His combat experience comes from six deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Currently, Andrew is using his tactical knowledge to instruct shooters in the Chicago area. He teaches Defensive Pistol as well as Basic and Advanced AR-15 classes.

Nick Pennella

A talented firearms instructor teaching Basic Pistol, AR-15 Rifle, firearms builder, lifetime target shooter and soon-to-be USCCA certified.

Frank Gonzalez

With years of experience under his belt, Frank is NRA Certified in the following disciplines: NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Range Safety Officer, Approved Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor, and a lifetime target shooter with both handguns and rifles.

Note: All instructors are approved to teach Illinois concealed Carry modules.